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Hrvatski English Swedish

Project concept and description

“…value of this small-scale construction lies in conjuction with the landscape and natural cohesion of the structure of its elements and applies only to useful and usable spaces…”
Mirko Miličić

Keeping that in mind, the building is designed in a modern way in order to accomplish new values according to the modern way of life, new tipologies and new ways of using space. We were led by desire to make the building to a maximal extent suitable to human standards and with proportions and size harmonized with traditional local architecture.

The building is designed on an extremely steep terrain and the main project goal was to fit it in a maximal manner into the landscape and connect it with the pertaining parcel. It is shaped in simple, smaller volumes interrelated in the way which enables rich spatial relationships between inner and external spaces. Having considered all of this, the decision was made to construct a flat roof as an element that makes possible maximum use of external spaces and outdoor activities which is one of important characteristics of traditional Mediterranean architecture.