Hrvatski English Swedish
Hrvatski English Swedish
  • One of the basic and most common elements used in dry construction
  • Lighter than all other structures
  • Using different structures, it is possible to achieve high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection as well as resistance to humidity, water, chemicals, various radiations etc.
  • Modern systems offer the possibility of installation of space heating or cooling elements.
  • Various wall shapes can be carried out – space or apartment is easily rearranged or transformed.
  • Partition walls can be high up to 15 meters, fire-resistant up to 180 minutes with acoustic insulation up to 75 dB which are top characteristics required on every bigger construction site.


2One of the basic and most common elements in dry construction are gypsum board wall linings, which have numerous advantages over any other system. Gypsum boards wall linings are far lighter than any other structure, which enables use in facilities with weak static conditions. The use of different systems depending on the client requirements and regulations, considerably better properties can be achieved when compared to other wall solutions and at a lower cost. Considering the multi-layer construction of the wall itself, it is possible to achieve completely different properties on the opposite sides of the wall, in line with the requirements and intended purpose of the spaces on both sides. By using different constructions, it is possible to achieve a high degree of heat and sound insulation, fire protection, moisture resistance, and, by using special panels and other layers in construction, if necessary, other properties, such as protection from harmful radiation, intrusion protection, protection from firearms and fragmentation of explosive devices, as well as various other special properties, can be achieved. Modern systems even offer the possibility to install heating or cooling elements, which enables the wall to function as radiators or air conditioning devices and they can even play music after the installation of special oscillation modules and connecting them to the home audio systems. Considering all of the above mentioned, we can see how wide the possibilities in building gypsum board walls truly are and we can boldly claim that there is a system for every requirement.
Furthermore great advantages of gypsum board walls when compared to classical wall constructions, are as follows:

  • Quick construction – in comparison to classic walls, there are almost no technological halts in construction, they can be immediately built to full height, walls do not need to be mortised, rendered and plastered, construct horizontal and vertical ring beams etc.
  • Increased precision – special laser devices are used for placing of the construction during the process, i.e. the assembly, which achieve almost perfect vertical and horizontal orientation of the walls.
  • Smooth and straight surfaces – gypsum boards used for wall assembly are smooth and straight. After the trowel finishing of the wall, final works can be carried out the very next day, regardless of whether this includes painting, tiling, wallpapering or placing of any other wall lining.
  • Quick placement – installation – routing installations through gypsum board walls is exceptionally quick and simple and there is no need for mortising since the installations are routed during the wall’s assembly through the interspaces between two linings. Subsequent routing of installations is greatly facilitated since the wall is only partially opened and its repair is much quicker and simpler.
  • Possibility of creation of various details, shapes, decorative elements, curved walls in both horizontal and vertical direction.
  • Works are carried out dry and with minimal waste, and can be performed in already finished spaces, with only minimal dust protection of the surrounding area.
  • Healthier microclimate for human habitation – natural regulation of humidity in the air, without releasing any odours, unlike cement-based materials