Hrvatski English Swedish
Hrvatski English Swedish
  • On every construction site, of any purpose and type, one of the most important requirements in regard to construction planning is fire protection – active and passive.
  • The systems which we design and carry out appertain to passive fire protection. The main division is: fire protection sealing and fire protection claddings.
  • The claddings are carried out by boards of various thickness in order to get linings, ceilings and shafts with different fire protection performances. Coating and painting
    of steel structures with fire protection coatings can also be counted as cladding.
  • The sealing is performed on the walls in which different installations have been assembled and these walls being located on the fire sector borders. Around these installations, it is essential to seal penetrations in order to prevent passage of flame in case of fire. Such penetrations can be sealed in different ways and by using different materials and a very high level of fire-resistance can be achieved.
  • We are registered in the Court register for designing and implementation of fire protection systems and we also have the license issued by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.
  • We have also been licensed by the producers of materials and regularly participate in various seminars and trainings. Some of the construction sites where sealing and claddings have been performed are: SKY OFFICE, VMD CENTAR (25 floors) and numerous smaller facilities.